Adel Aujan Awards

All of us at ACCBC are committed to become a “world-class bottling operation” offering added value and high quality products to our consumers, providing best in class service to our customers in a spirit of partnership, generating sustainable and consistent returns for our shareholders and developing a unique winning culture across the organization.
We would not be able to deliver on this compelling vision and mission without the contribution of our business partners, distributors, suppliers.
In order to recognize our valued relationships with business partners, distributors, suppliers and to maintain our commitment to improvement and innovation, we decided to inaugurate the very first Adel Aujan Awards in honor of the loving memory of our late Chairman, Sheik Adel Aujan during the annual ACCBC Gulfood Gala dinner on March 1st at The Oberoi hotel in Dubai.
The annual awards will in future allow us to recognize business partners that contribute the most to ACCBC’s success, by sharing our values and our commitment to excellence, delivering sustainable performance and surpassing expectations.
Nominations for the first year includes Raw Materials, Packaging, Ingredients and Original Equipment Machinery (OEMs).

The award categories have been selected to consider key differentiating factors expected from our business partners in line with our strategic objectives: Innovation – Quality – Service – Value Addition – Long-term Partnership.

The nomination and selection steps have been a meticulous process whereas: A cross-functional team nominated qualified suppliers, three nominees are identified in each category and the winner is selected by the awards committee including ACCBC leadership team based on an awards criteria.

Congratulations to AAA 2017 Winners

We would like to congratulate all winners of inaugural 2017 Adel Aujan Awards


 AAA for Innovation

The Innovation AAA honors suppliers and partners capability to propose break-through solutions which provides competitive edge to ACCBC and its brands.

Criteria for this award are:

⦁ Supplier proactively proposes solutions new to
ACCBC system and markets
⦁ Supplier proposes solutions that would
contribute to ACCBC brands growth
⦁ ACCBC implements supplier solutions in a successful and sustainable way

Congratulations to CONSTANTIA HAENDLER AND NATERMANN GMBH for winning the 2017 AAA for innovation


AAA for Quality

The Quality AAA honors suppliers’ capability to deliver materials as per the agreed specifications and their capability to resolve any technical & quality issues that may arise on day to day operations.

Criteria for this award are:

⦁ Number of Incidences and rejections reported
Via each sites
⦁ Rejection % per material received
⦁ Timely resolution of issues highlighted &
technical support
⦁ Pre-shipment test results and rejection via JQC lab
⦁ Timely claim recovery

Congratulations to LOUIS DREYFUS COMMODITIES AGROINDUSTRIAL for winning the 2017 AAA for Quality

AAA for Service

The Service AAA honors suppliers’ capability to delivery requirements and expectations, on time and in full.

Criteria for this award are:

⦁ 100% OTIF (On Time – In Full)
⦁ Agility & flexibility in accepting rush orders
⦁ Lesser non-conformances in shipment
⦁ Customer friendly approach
⦁ Ability to support JIT either by carrying buffer or
expediting shipments
Congratulations to MAST FOODS SA for winning the 2017 AAA for Service


AAA for Value Addition: 

The Value Addition AAA honors suppliers’ capability to propose competitive tangible and intangible benefits.

Criteria for this award are:

⦁ Supplier proactively share industry and
consumer trends
⦁ Supplier offer most competitive and
transparent terms and conditions
⦁ Supplier compliant / adherence to ACCBC
contract terms
⦁ Supplier flexibility with ACCBC payment terms
⦁ Supplier ensures minimum supply risk to ACCBC
Congratulations to CAN PACK MIDDLE EAST LLC for winning the 2017 AAA for Value Addition

Partnership AAA:

The Partnership AAA honors Suppliers with a long term relationship based on confidence, credibility, and mutual benefits.

Criteria for this award are:

⦁ Relationship quality, duration and level of trust
⦁ Supplier fit to our strategies and long-term
objectives (capacity, product portfolio,
knowledge, technology, etc.)
⦁ Supplier contribution to our strategic agenda
Congratulations to JBT for winning the 2017 AAA for Partnership
We would like to extend our appreciation to all inaugural Adel Aujan Award winners and nominees for their continuous support and contribution to ACCBC business.
We are looking forward to recognize more business partners for the 2018 Adel Aujan Awards ceremony during the traditional ACCBC Gulfood Gala Dinner.

Kind regards,
Tolga Sezer
Chief Executive Officer