Meet Our People

Orlin Velizarov
Business Development Manager - Strategy & Business Development Since 2010

"I like the family spirit! I was brought up in a similar environment as a professional, working for one of the largest companies in the FMCG sector, yet it felt like one family. This is a very rare combination in the corporate world. I hope the larger we become, we try keeping that spirit. What it leads to is passion for the brand, the company & drive to deliver, innovate."

Family - as I said, it creates unique values, shared by all.
World - ACCBC has become part of the world joining forces with the Coca-Cola company.
Future - there is so much to do…"

"From a brand point of view - Rani Float has that uniqueness & differences to any "juice", and so much fun embedded in it, and curiosity… Is it a juice or CSD? Is it a drink or food? VIMTO reminds me of my childhood - we had enough pocket money to buy a fuzzy drink made out of cordial & water that got its fizz from a strange bullet like device. And we called this flavor "Cola""

Mazen Al Muslemani
Management Trainee - Business Development Since 2014

" I like The constant ability to develop skills. The ability to contribute, to make a difference and have a real impact. The opportunity to work with people who have different backgrounds and notions across our region."

Diverse, Growth, Development because Diversity which allows us to understand and connect to the needs of all consumers & customers. The ability to grow in the organisation with the accessibility to a varied sources of development."

"BARBICAN is the one drink I would enjoy when spending time with my buddies. Every time I have a BARBICAN I think about the good times spent with them. "

Rob White
Head of Quality - Supply Chain Since 2014

"I Like The challenges brought about by a very competitive market
and ACCBC's geographical growth."

Defined, Dynamic and Focused because An FMCG beverage organisation that has defined its area of expertise is dynamic in its approach to product and market strategies, and focused on being Best In Industry."

"Rani is my favorite because it is the epitome of the three pillars described above, as well as being young, vibrant, and with a taste and product experience that is unique in the industry."

Nicolaas Fourie
Country Manager - UAE Sales Since 2012

"I Like the learning's, the people, the friendships, the leadership and passion/drive to achieve."

" Committed, Passion for growth with strong brands and value because we have great brands and we/the company are passionate about growing and getting our amazing brands in the hands of consumers. The people/teams are committed to work and win in teams and achieve our shared goals and vision. Value - shared value, the consumer gets value in form of world class products and the stakeholders (us) get value in the form being part of the ACCBC family. (learning, caring and achieving together)"

"Barbican - Like the code…., resonate with the code…. and enjoy the malt…"

Diya Mathai
Media Manager Since 2011

"I'm most happy about the learning I've got at Rani Refreshments. The opportunity to learn is endless in this organization, the few years & immense learning I have had lies testament to that fact. This learning stems from working in a conducive office environment, facing challenging business opportunities & most importantly having an encouraging leadership team."

Rani Refreshment is
"Market Leader, Multi-Cultural and Exciting because our company is a leader in the beverage category in this region making it one of the top organizations to work for. It's blend of cultures, personalities & experience makes the learning all the more enriching. From the people to the work, everyday turns out to be an exciting prospect."

"Rani is my favorite brand. It is one of those iconic brands launched in the region that has changed the beverage landscape making drinking juices fun & edgy."