Why Work For Us

We are proud to share with you that we are a company that focuses on creating an environment which enables as well as engages our teams to give their best.

We are proud to share that our employee engagement scores (over 78%) are higher than some of the high performing companies worldwide.

We are proud that we focus on increasing diversity both from nationality as well as gender mix. We have tripled the number of women employed in the last 3 years as well as increasing the number of nationalities which is close to 50 now and growing. We continue to focus our efforts in having more local as well as young talent in the organization.

We are proud to have a policy which focuses on internal promotions, which is a testimony of our commitment to growing people within our organization. This is also a result of the various development opportunities, cross functional projects, as well as an exciting range of learning opportunities with The Coca-Cola Company and Harvard Manage Mentor library which we give to our employees.

So if you would like to join an organization in which 91% of the employees feel proud to work for the company, 92% feel that they make a real contribution to the success of the company, 93% of the employees are confident of the quality of the products, then please contact us.



ACCBC has been recognized many times over the years for the quality of our products, business practices, performance and commitment to our people.Each award drives us to develop even better products and services and be proud of our reputation for excellence among competitors.





Rewards and Benefits

The Company strongly believes that a large part of its success is a result of the ongoing commitment of suitably-motivated employees. Subsequently, robust and attractive Rewards and Benefits policies have been established and centered on both employees and their families to allow high performing people to be rewarded for their commitment, their performance and that of the Company.

The Rewards and Benefits structures are established with the aim to promote a sense of equity and fair pay among employees which will ultimately encourage retention, increase morale and motivate employees. In addition, this builds a competitive structure to attract high caliber potential candidates.

The overall goal of the rewards and benefits structures at the Company is to:
– Attract, retain and motivate high-performing workforce.
– Encourage the pursuit of excellence at all levels, fostering a culture that recognizes and rewards performance in a variety of ways.

The Company shall ensure that the rewards and benefits structures remain competitive with those comparable companies within the market, and the region through a robust and thorough annual review of the structures.